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Hydromax / Hydro Pump Replacement Valve Pack

Hydromax / Hydro Pump Replacement Valve Pack

Never delay a pumping session because of a faulty valve again. The Hydromax X- Range Replacement Valve Pack replaces the stock valves on Bathmate Hyromax hydropumps.

This replacement pack includes:

  • 1 replacement cap
  • 2 Hydromax pump replacement valves 


Replacement valve fits: Hydromax X20, X30, X40 & HydroXtreme Pumps

The easy-to-use valve is the key to the success of the Bathmate hydropumps, letting you control the flow of water from your pump, creating a vacuum and delivering real power. As such, we’ve built our valves to last, with a full 2 year warranty provided with every single pump, protecting you against any defect or malfunction.

Over time, though, any moving part can develop problems, working less efficiently. If the valve of your Bathmate develops a fault, we want to make sure that you can still get fantastic results with your hydropump, so we offer a full set of replacement valves.

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