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Bathmate Cushion Rings

Bathmate Hydromax Cushion Rings: Enhance Your Pumping Experience for Optimal Results

The Bathmate Hydromax Cushion Rings are the top-selling accessories designed exclusively for Bathmate Hydromax Pumps. Comprised of plush, velvety material, these cushion rings not only elevate the comfort of your pumping sessions but also aid in achieving a more effective suction and airtight seal.

Available for all model sizes, our Bathmate Hydromax Cushion Rings are a must-have accessory.

What Each Pack Includes

Every pack comes with two specially designed Comfort Rings, offering you options for:

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Better fit
  • Increased stimulation
  • Elimination of testicular suction
  • Skin-safe materials
  • Improved airtight seal and suction

The cushion rings are crafted from materials that are both comfortable and skin-safe. They effortlessly conform to your body’s shape, ensuring you get the maximum efficiency out of your hydropump while eliminating the risk of your testicles entering the pump chamber during setup.

Choose Your Ideal Size

We offer four diverse sizes of Bathmate Hydromax Cushion Rings, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your specific pump model. If you're a user of our Wide Boy hydropump variants, we recommend selecting the 9 (X40) size option.

Extra Room for Growth

With a thickness of 1/4", these cushion rings provide ample room for growth, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy a comfortable and effective pumping experience over time.

Invest in Bathmate Hydromax Cushion Rings today to make the most of your Bathmate Hydromax Pumps, offering you a combination of enhanced comfort, impeccable fit, and superior suction capabilities.

Shipping Information

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