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Anal Training Plugs Plus Vibe

Bathmate Anal Training Plugs Plus Vibe

Interested in trying out anal?
Preparation really matters - starting off with an overly-large partner or toy can cause serious damage. For the perfect starting point, check out our Bathmate Anal Training Plugs plus Vibe. This is a body-safe set of silicone anal training plugs made to take you from anal apprentice to a full-on expert! 

In this kit, you'll find 3 solid anal plugs, with diameters of 1, 1.25, and 1.5 inches respectively (a much bigger difference than it sounds), with a finger ring base and a thin, totally flexible shaft. Perfect for a play session or long-term wear, our plugs are specially made for total nerve stimulation - and real pleasure.
Includes bonus vibe to really to get you going and learning how enjoyable anal can be.

*Shipped discreetly

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