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Can jelqing cause red spots?

Yes, jelqing can potentially cause red spots on the penis, a condition often referred to as "petechiae" or "red dots." This occurs due to the mechanical stress and pressure applied during jelqing exercises. The increased pressure can rupture small blood vessels beneath the skin, leading to the appearance of red spots or small bruises.

It's essential to be cautious when engaging in any form of penis enlargement or stretching exercises like jelqing. The appearance of red spots is an indication that you may be applying too much pressure or using improper technique, which can lead to injuries or complications. In some cases, these injuries can be more severe than just red spots, causing discomfort, pain, or even long-term damage to the penis.

If you notice red spots or experience any discomfort or pain while jelqing, it's crucial to stop immediately and allow your penis to heal. Give your body time to recover before attempting any similar exercises again. If you continue to experience red spots or other issues, consider consulting a healthcare professional for proper guidance and evaluation. Remember that safety should always be a priority when considering any form of penile exercise or enhancement.