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Bathmate Size Guide, The Bathmate Store

1. Finding the Right Size Bathmate Model

2. How to Choose the Right Size Bathmate Pump

3. The Hydro7

4. The Hydromax Series

6. The HydroXtreme Series


Finding the Right Bathmate Model

The Bathmate comes in a variety of sizes, each with the same set of benefits. Increasing penis size, girth, helping with sexual stamina and a few more benefits that some see and some may not. Each user experiences the main benefits with some also having added benefits depending on their situation.

There are 3 types of pumps to choose from. The Bathmate Hydro 7, the Hydromax series and the HydroXtreme Series. With so many options available it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. However with careful consideration of your current size and goals you will be able to find the perfect fit.  Read on below...


How to Choose the Right Size Bathmate for You

Choosing the right size Bathmate model for you is an important step in achieving your goals of increasing your penis size. The key to finding the perfect fit with your pump is understanding how each model differs from one another and what benefits they offer. Different models come with different sizes, pressure settings, and attachments which all play a role in determining which one will be best for you. Taking these factors into account can help ensure that you get the most out of your purchase and reach your desired results!



The Hydro7

The Hydro7 pump is the remade original Bathmate Hercules pump which has been around since 2006. This classic model is what brought fame to the Bathmate name after tens of thousands of men achieved their goals by increasing their penis size with regular use.

The Hydro7 is for those with a penis size up to 7 inches in length and of average girth, who want to keep it simple. Sometimes.. simple works best and who is complaining when tens of thousands of men saw amazing results, using the original and simplest form of the Bathmate.


The Hydromax Series

Hydromax3 | Hydromax5 | Hydromax7 | Hydromax9

The Hydromax Series come in three different pump sizes, the Hydromax3, Hydromax5, Hydromax7 & Hydromax9. Each model provides the same base features as the Hydro7 with increased pressure from the new valve and bellow system designed to help you achieve your desired results quickly and safely. The sizes range from 3 inches of erect penis length all the way up to 9 inches long.



Hydromax3Hydromax5Hydromax7Hydromax7 WideboyHydromax9



The Hydromax3:

The Hydromax3 model is the worlds first micro penis pump. Designed for those with an erect penis size of 3 inches or less, making it ideal for those with a micro penis who are new to the penis enlargement world. 


The Hydromax5:

The Hydromax5 model is one of the smaller Bathmate pumps. It is designed for those with an erect penis size up to 5 inches, making it ideal for men sitting just under the average penis size of 5.5 inches. 


The Hydromax7:

The Hydroma7 model is the perfect choice for those looking to achieve a larger size in the shortest time possible. It is designed for those with a penis size up to 7.5 inches in length and provides stronger suction power than its predecessor, the Hydro7. This is the most popular size Bathmate.


The Hydromax9:

The Hydromax9 is perfect for those who already have some great size and wish to take it further. This pump fits a penis size up to 7-9 inches with above average girth. This is for the guys that just want to keep going.


The HydroXtreme Series

HydroXtreme3 | HydroXtreme5 | HydroXtreme7 | HydroXtreme9 | HydroXtreme11

HydromXtreme Pump

The HydroXtreme pumps are the most advanced and powerful penis pumps in the Bathmate product line up. They come in five different sizes to fit any penis size, from 3 inches of erect penis length up to 11 inches long. The Hydroxtreme3 is designed for those with an erect penis size of up to 3 inches, while the Hydroxtreme5 model is suitable for those with a penis size up to 5 inches. For larger penises, there's the Hydroxtreme7, which fits men with penises up to 7.5 inches long; the Hydromax Xtreme9 model which can accommodate those with a maximum length of 9 inches; and finally,the HydroXtreme11 model which caters for users who have a maximum erection length of 11 inches. Each model features adjustable pressure settings via the handball pump which allows for a more precise control of the pressure as well as stronger suction power than other models from Bathmate.


Regardless of which Bathmate model you choose, regular use will help you achieve noticeable results within weeks and even permanent gains after months of consistent use! With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your penis enlargement goals. Make sure to take all factors into account when choosing the perfect sized Bathmate model for you.


Bathmate Size Guide 2023

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