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Bathmate Reviews

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Feels good, works good

Been a user of the Bathmate for a year now. Love it, Decided to upgrade to the Xtreme with the handball. A bit pricey but the handball pump makes it much easier to use. Love the carrying case and all the other goodies it came with. If you are thinking about buying a Hydromax pump, just do it. Signup to the mailing list to save though!

Finally splurged!

Grabbed it with a nice discount from their subscriber emails. A few friends actually use a Bathmate and swear buy it. The price was right on this model, so i took the plunge. Glad to have made the purchase. Results are incoming. An enjoyable product to use dailly.

Need more length

Have girth. Need more length. This seems to be doing the trick.

Fast shipping, solid product

Happy with customer service. My order came fast. Have not had enough time to fully test. Will report back more later.

Recommended by a friend, super love it

This is a great product. My friend showed me his and told me of his results after a few months. Decided to get my own Bathmate. THis one was cheaper, which works for me being a student and on a limited budget. So far, very excited with my results. Can't wait to report back in a year. This is the cheap Bathmate you can get! Save some money if you are a student like me.

Cheaper than the Xtreme and works just as well

You dont' have to spend a fortunate to get a penis pump that works. If you are looking for a cheap penis pump, get the Hydro7 model. Save some money and see the results

Works great

Loving my progress. Results after only a few weeks.

Works as good as the more exensive models

You don't have to spend the big bucks to get the results. Remember that the Bathmate was created off this Hydro7 Bathmate model. This pump works very well at a fraction of the cost. This is my 2nd purchase after I wore out the first model with a few years of use. I am still seeing results after all this time. Repetition and diet are key!

Impressed with it

After a few weeks of use I have to say I am very impressed so far.

On the gain train!

Love how it feels when using it. Excited to see my results. So far, very impressed and only been using it 2wks.

Solid product

Buddy recommended it. Found a coupon on your blog, and decided to get it. Very happy with my purchase.

Love it

Happy with my Bathmate. Honestly wish I knew about this 5yrs ago.

Kyle W
Size is perfect but heavy

Pump fits me good but a little heavy to use in the shower with the water weight. Still happy with my purchase. Previously owned a Bathmate Hercules and after 3yrs I am upgrading after some astounding results.

Great pump, works as described

The pump is great. Works as described. Seeing gains at 4wks out.

Been waiting for the Hydromax8 for a long time

This is the perfect size for me! Waited years for them to make a middle size between the Hydromax7 and 9 models. The 9 was to heavy when filled but this iss just right. So happy it finally has been released.

Bathmate Hydro 7
Teddy & Ira
Couldn't believe it worked

My lady bought this for me as a joke gift. But was it really a joke gift? Anyways I started using it. Kinda feel into a groove using it every other day. My lady and I are now laughing as the damn thing actually is working! My cock is much thicker than it was 5wks ago and my erections are hard as shit! I can't believe it.. haha. Everyone has to try this thing!

Bathmate Hydro 7
Julian C
Best penis pump I have tried

I have tried them all and this is the best. Great suction, feels good. No skin tears that I experienced with air pumps.

Holy cock pump

Holy canoli batman.. This thing sucks better than my girlfriend! Love it!

Good pump. Cost too much

The pump is good. Cost too much on my student budget.

Happy as a fat kid in a candy store!

Could not be happier with my HydroXtreme. I have been using it for 9weeks now. I wanted to wait before I left a review so i could really gauge the product well. I am very pleased with my results. It took me about 2wks to start seeing some difference and then I was off to the races. If you are thingking about getting one of these penis pumps, sign up to their mailing list and you can save like 15% off which is a good chunk of coin.

If you are looking for the biggest cock pump, you have found it!

This thing is huge and it works great! I needed big and you guys did not fail to deliver! MAMMOTH!! WOW... My wife says i am going to have a 3rd leg after using this. Upgrading after 2yrs of using the HydroXtreme9! That pump brought it... Now I am going all out XTREME and going to leave some ladies gapping!

Gonna destroy some biatches!!

I am king kong already and I plan to demolish the city of hoes! THIS PUMP IS THE SHIT !

Black Friday Savings!

Just saved a good bunch. Thanks for the early discount guys. Always wanted this pump and now I am part of the bathmate boys club!!

This thing is a monster and so will I be!!!

Thank you Black Friday!! Just saved over $100 on this bad boy mofo of a pump. I am a big guy already but that ain't stopping me. I want to destroy the pussy! Great customer service from the guys at Bathmate store also. Some wicked laughs we had as they answered all my off the wall questions.

We had a laugh or two answering your questions I must say. Thanks for the kind words. We hope you enjoy your pump and the savings from Black Friday!

Black Friday Savings Biatches!!

Just got the Wideboy on sale!!! THanks guys. Great customer service and quick response. Got a nice 20% off black friday deal on the pump also!