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HydroXtreme7 Chico Ancho

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy de Bathmate

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy de Bathmate es el sistema de agrandamiento de pene más efectivo del mundo para hombres que están erectos entre 5 y 7 pulgadas y tienen más circunferencia de pene que el hombre común.

¡Consiga aumentos de tamaño inigualables con la NUEVA BOMBA ANCHA BATHMATE XTREME !

Si tienes un pene excepcionalmente grueso, puede ser difícil encontrar una bomba para el pene que ofrezca el máximo rendimiento: X30 Xtreme Wide Boy (también conocido como HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy) se trata de arreglar eso. Esta bomba, que se adapta a personas con una circunferencia de más de 6,5 pulgadas e incluye una pelota de mano diseñada para agregar la máxima presión, crea ganancias incomparables en longitud, circunferencia y calidad de la erección.

El kit HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy incluye:

  • Hidrobomba X30 Xtreme Wide Boy
  • Sistema patentado de balón de mano con manguera (extraíble)
  • Almohadilla cómoda de inserción larga
  • Medidor de Bathmate
  • Correa de soporte para ducha Bathmate
  • cepillo de limpieza personalizado
  • Lubricante Hidromax
  • toalla de baño
  • Estuche de almacenamiento rígido
  • Bloqueo de privacidad

La Wideboy es la hidrobomba de tamaño ideal para hombres con una longitud que comienza entre 5,6" y 7,25". Permitiendo que los hombres alcancen hasta 8,5" de largo y 2,25" de ancho.

Medidas de la bomba HydroXtreme7:

  • Longitud interna máxima de 9,50"
  • Ancho interno máximo de 2,45"
  • Circunferencia interna máxima de 7,06"
  • Fuerza @ 0,65 bar / 9,43 psi
  • Materiales - 100% grado médico


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Darren Sawrenko
It really works

I originally ordered the standard HydroXtreme 7 but after only a couple weeks of use I needed to upgrade to the Wide Boy model. I should have ordered this in the first place as I have always had a thicker size, so I recommend if you already have a 5 1/2" girth and higher, order this model. As for results, I am completely blown away. I came into this a completely skeptical, but after the first 2 weeks I had already noticed gains in both length and girth. Now it's been a little over a month and I have gained a little more than half an inch in length and 1/4" in girth for a current total of 6.5" length and 5.75" in girth. My erections have become harder and my orgasms are way more intense than before. I am absolutely thrilled with everything and still cannot believe the results are real. I know results vary with every individual, and maybe mine have been unique but this product has been an absolute game changer for me. It has also boosted my sex drive and confidence. I look forward to seeing how far this can go in the coming months and years. Highly recommend.

Need more length

Have girth. Need more length. This seems to be doing the trick.

Fast shipping, solid product

Happy with customer service. My order came fast. Have not had enough time to fully test. Will report back more later.


I followed the sizing guide on the website carefully, and this model still ended up being too large. I should've went with the regular extreme 7 rather than the wideboy. Because of the size it's almost impossible to keep the testicles from getting sucked into the tube while applying pressure. I've hurt myself almost every use so far even though I followed their size and use guides. Because of this, I must discontinue using this product. It's also overly expensive for the quality, It feels cheaply made, the valve hasn't worked properly since it came out of the box. I must always leave the hand pump on to keep it from leaking no matter the valve and lock positions. The hand pump constantly just falls off. At the price of roughly the same as a Nintendo switch, I believed to be buying a quality product, but I can't help but feel grossly ripped off. Especially since it hasn't worked properly from the start and that I must now trash it because it hurts me during use. Unsatisfied customer.

PRicey but worth it

The pump is good but a little pricey. Worth the investment if you need size.