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Penis Pump Brands and Methods of Penis Enlargement

In the world of male enhancement, penis pumps have gained significant popularity as a non-invasive method for increasing the size and girth of the penis. Among the various brands available in the market, Bathmate stands out as a well-regarded and effective choice with over 1,000,000 users globally. After being introduced in 2006, it quickly gained popularity due to the increased safety, and effectiveness of the pump and has since become the world's best selling penis pump.

In this blog post, we will explore a few different penis pump brands and the different methods of penis enlargement.


Top Penis Pump Brands


Bathmate is one of the leading brands known for their high-quality and innovative penis pumps. Since 2006 they have slowly built up their user base to dominate the market.  Their pumps feature a water-based hydraulic system that creates a vacuum around the penis, promoting increased blood flow and potential long-term gains with regular use. Bathmate Store offers different models suitable for varying levels of experience and penis size.


Penomet was a short lived brand that utilizes water pressure to create a vacuum. Their pumps came with interchangeable gaiters, allowing users to customize their experience according to their comfort level and desired intensity. Penomet pumps are designed to be comfortable and effective, catering to individuals with different needs. These pumps were a direct rip off of Bathmate and are no longer offered. The creator of this pump was a Bathmate employee who got a little greedy. They are no longer sold.


While not a traditional pump, SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement device that utilizes traction technology to gradually stretch the penis tissue, resulting in potential gains in length. It is a highly regarded brand that has been clinically tested and endorsed by medical professionals. SizeGenetics offers various packages, ensuring a customized experience for its users. The one thing I can say about this product is that it is uncomfortably to use and wear, although it does provide results. However, comfort is important..  


Vacurect is a unique brand that stands out for its simplicity and ease of use.
Unlike traditional pumps, Vacurect uses a manual vacuum system that offers instant erection and can be used conveniently, even for individuals with mobility issues.  It is a reliable and discreet option for those seeking a portable and efficient penis pump.


Different Methods of Penis Enlargement Pumps

Water-Based Pumps

Water-based pumps, like the ones offered by Bathmate and Penomet, use water to create a vacuum that acts as a gentle force on the penis.
These pumps are known for promoting blood flow, aiding in longer-lasting erections, and potentially stimulating permanent size gains.

Traction-Based Devices

Traction devices, such as SizeGenetics, utilize a stretching mechanism to gradually elongate the penis tissue. By applying a constant force, these devices can potentially result in increased length over time.

Manual Vacuum Pumps

Brands like Vacurect provide manual vacuum pumps that produce instant erections by creating negative pressure around the penis.
These pumps are particularly useful for individuals who experience difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection. However due to the dryness of the skin while using them tissue tearing can happen as well as some other not so fun issues.  Just google penis pump injuries from air pumps.  :/. 


When it comes to penis pump brands and methods of penis enlargement, it is essential to do some research and choose a product that suits your needs and comfort level. Bathmate, along with the other brands mentioned, offers effective solutions that cater to different preferences and desired outcomes. That being said the Bathmate and it's line of products would be my first choice for the following reasons.   

  1.  Safety: using water prevents the skin from tearing if too much pressure is applied.   This happens quite a bit with an air based pump.
  2. Comfort: using the bathmate is quite comfortable once you get the hang of it and the warmth of the water is very soothing. 
  3. Time required: 15 minutes per day is all that is required with the Bathmate to start seeing results.  I can't saw they same about other devices and who has that much time. The Bathmate is quick and easy to use in the shower or bath if you have 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Built to last: the Bathmate is built to last. I know users who have had their pump for 4yrs plus and they are still working like new!

All this being said... ultimately the choice is yours. So do some research and make your choice.  If you decide to go with a Bathmate pump, be sure to come back here and click this link and get a nice little discount applied to your purchase!