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Introducing the Hydromax8: The Perfect Middle Ground

Hydromax8, A Seamless Upgrade from Hydromax7

Exciting news for Bathmate enthusiasts! The much-anticipated Hydromax8 model is set to hit the market. If you've been using the Hydromax7 and are looking for an upgrade but find the Hydromax9 a bit too daunting, the Hydromax8 is the perfect solution for you.

Why Hydromax8?

The Hydromax8 is designed specifically for those who find themselves in the middle - too large for the Hydromax7 but not quite ready for the Hydromax9. This new Bathmate model retains all the beloved features of its predecessors, with size specifications that neatly fit right between the Hydromax7 and Hydromax9.


Designed for Your Comfort and Efficiency

Our team at Bathmate has listened to your feedback. The Hydromax8 addresses the need for a more gradual transition in size and weight, ensuring a comfortable and effective experience.

Who is the Hydromax8 for?

The Hydromax8 is ideal for anyone who feels that the Hydromax7 is no longer challenging yet finds the jump to Hydromax9 a bit too much. It's the perfect next step in your enhancement journey. Designed for men 6 and 8 inches long.

Availability and Pricing

The Hydromax8 will be available January 2024 for $189.99 Stay tuned for the announcement of its pricing and official launch later this month.


Ready to Upgrade to the Hydromax8?

Interested in knowing more? Just a click away, the Hydromax8 awaits you with all the details of this model along with the Hydromax8 size specs. Discover more about this innovative model and be one of the first to experience it.

Check out the NEW Hydromax8 model here