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Hydromax7 Wideboy vs. Hydromax9 Internal Widths

Unraveling the Mysteries: Hydromax7 Wideboy vs. Hydromax9 Internal Widths

When diving into the world of Bathmate's more girthy penis enlargement pumps, two models often stand out for consumers: the Hydromax7 Wideboy and the Hydromax9. At first glance, many assume the Hydromax7 Wideboy is merely a shorter version of the Hydromax9. However, a deeper look into their design reveals some fascinating distinctions, particularly regarding their internal widths. Let's unravel the specifics.

 hydromax9 vs hydromax7 wideboy


The Intriguing Tale of Inserts

One might initially think the HydroMax7 Wideboy is just a compact Hydromax9. This isn't entirely off the mark, but the devil, as they say, is in the details - or in this case, the inserts. The insert of the Hydromax7 Wideboy is somewhat smaller than its Hydromax9 counterpart.

This difference became especially evident during our hands-on experiment: we were able to perfectly fit the Hydromax9 insert into the Hydromax7 Wideboy, and vice versa. This interchangeability between inserts was quite an eye-opener!

The Cylinder Conundrum: Size Matters, but So Does Depth!

Inserting the Hydromax9 component into the Hydromax7 Wideboy revealed something interesting. It offered a tad more space at the base of the pump, emphasizing the difference in depth between the two models. However, the upper tube or cylinder of the Hydromax7 Wideboy mirrored the Hydromax9 in diameter - it's just not as long.

This observation leads to a crucial point: while the Hydromax7 Wideboy might seem akin to the Hydromax9 in terms of width due to the similar cylinder design, the insert plays a pivotal role in determining the actual internal width. Thus, the Hydromax7 Wideboy, primarily because of its insert, isn't quite as roomy as the Hydromax9. 

hydromax inserts

Customize Your Comfort: A Little Hack for the Wideboy Enthusiasts

For those requiring a pinch more spaciousness in their Hydromax7 Wideboy, here's a nifty trick: consider getting your hands on a Hydromax9 insert. This bathmate accessory fits snugly into the Hydromax7 Wideboy, granting that desired extra room. A simple tweak that can redefine your experience with the Wideboy model. 😉