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Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pump

  • Gain 1-3 inches of length
  • Increase Penis Thickness
  • Boost Self Confidence
  • Increase Sexual Stamina
  • Intensify Your Orgasms
  • Straighten Out That Curve
  • Enlarge your Penis Head
  • End Premature Ejaculation
  • Helps with Erectile Dysfunction
  • May help with Peyronie's disease

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Bathmate Reviews & Testimonials

Below you will find only a few testimonials from Bathmate users around the world! We want you to share your success story too. Please email us today so we can share your testimonial with others also. The Bathmate although designed for increasing penis size has also gives its users more stamina, intenser orgasms, more girth and so much more. Try the Bathmate today and see the results for yourself.

After figuring out how to use the hydromax x30, which gave me some trouble at first. I have grown to love it now. I use it every 2nd day and the results have been great. It did take mew about a montht to start seeing real results but I stuck with it and the resutls keep coming. I recommend this to all. Marcelo, Florida

I bought the Bath mate as a joke gift and my husband started using it. I have to say I am very very glad he did. He has gotten thicker and longer in the last 4 months and I love it! Sara & Don, Colorado

I can't say enough about the Hydromax X30 Xtreme I recently purchased. Being a previous bath mate owner I am a big believer in the product, but the extmeme model has blown my mind! The hand pump makes a world of a difference and I recommend it to any extreme PE user! Big Frank, Texas

I've been using your bath mate Goliath now for 6 or 7 months and I'm happily impressed. My first use revealed a measurement of 4.72 inches under maximum vacum. Today I am measuring 6.26 inches under maximum vacuum. That's a 1.54 inch gain in length alone . I haven't been keeping track of the gain in girth measurement but I'm guessing that my girth gain is equivalent to the length gain by the sheer fact that my lovers ***** feels tighter with every lovemaking session. I attribute my gains mostly to the bathmate hydropump but I would imagine that the addition of my 46 pound weight loss has certainly played a part as well.Thank you sincerely Richard S, California

Thanks for the great customer service. Although I had a small problem with the vavle on the new Bathmate Hydromax x30 model at first, you were quick to send me a replacement part and helped me troubleshoot the issue. The product now works perfect and results are coming. Thank you ~ Dylan, California

I've been using the Bathmate Hercules model for 2 months now with great results but decided to upgrade to the Bathmate Hydromax X30 model to see if there was a difference. I am happy I did as I have noticed in 1 month, gains that took me 2 months to see with the Hercules model. So the Hydromax X30 has been a worthwhile investment. Thanks for an even better product! ~ Tyon, Vegas

I decided to purchase the Bathmate Hydromax X30 after hearing about it from a friend. The product is awesome and works great. My girlfriend is happy about the new size and I am loving it. Not to mention its kinda fun to use it also. ;) ~ Raj, Santa Monica

The Bathmate Hydromax is by far the best penis pump I have ever used. I have tried them all and using the Hydromax I have seen size increase in just over 2 months that I have not seen from any other penis pump! AMAZING! ~ Aaron, Manitoba Canada

Your customer support is the best. I had ordered from another online retailer of the Bathmate and 3wks later still did not have my product or any type of response from them via email or phone from that company. When I called your store, I was able to talk to someone right away. Your customer service rep, kindly helped me order the Bathmate from your store and walked me through how to use it in the bath and shower. I can't say enough about the support he gave me. The product works great and I am very happy with the results the Bathmate has given me so far. ~ William G, Utah

Greetings, You product works great. In fact, it works so great I need the bigger one now. As you can see by reviewing my order number, I recently purchased the Hercules on December 7th 2011. Now don't get me wrong, this was a great investment - however I have outgrown it. I would like to know if a discount is available on the upgrade to Goliath given my recent order. Thanks, and I await your response.~ Eric

My doctor recommended I try a penis pump to help with erectile dysfunction I have started suffering from due to my age. After 2wks of use (8 sessions) I have already seen my erections get harder and penile strength getting better. It was hard dealing with this issue and not being able to make love to my wife like I used to. Thank you.~ Charles L, Washington

I've received the Bathmate Hercules today! Right now I am freaking loving it! I'm seeing results fast can't wait after 2 months of usage! ~ P Perez

I purchased 2 Bathmates for my partner and I. We find it very fun to use in the bedroom or bath/shower and we have both definitely seen an increase in erection strength, stamina and some new size. Love it! ~ Aaron & Dawson, California

The product has worked very well for me. Thank you for the support. ~ Bhargav, Toronto

I have had the product for 6 months and LOVE IT! Just need a replacement ring I have used it soo much. ~ Wayne, Barrie

I wasn't sure what model to order that would fit correct so I called the 800#. I spoke with a nice young man for almost 25 minutes about the product. During this time he explained how it worked, the recommended usage, maintenance of the Bathmate and helped me with choosing the correct size. Thank you for your time and helping me. The Bathmate arrived last Thursday and I have been using it every other day since it arrived. I am happy with the results I have seen so far. Thanks again. ~ Bill W, Arizona

My friend told me about the Bathmate but I was skeptical. He then asked if I wanted to see his penis and I laughed out of embarassment, but I really wanted to see it so he could prove it. So after the embarrassment passed he ended up showing me and my jaw dropped. He had been using it for 6 months and I could not believe how big he was. I knew he was not this big before as we shared showers in highschool. I proceeded to order one a week later and I am happy I did. Thank you ~ Sam, Michigan

Can't believe how well this actually works. Tried all sorts of pills with no resuls at all! The Bathmate has shown me results in only a week of use. I can't wait to see how I look in a few months! ~ Colin, Ottawa

I am 22 and have had issues with being embarrassed due to penis size when I am with girls. After using your penis pump for only 5wks I noticed a huge difference. I am not sure if my results are normal with everyone but my penis is much larger now. I wish I had measured it before I started so I could know the exact change but I didn't. Thanks for making something that actually does what it says. I owe you allot! months! ~ Abdu, Scarborough

Works like your website says it does. My wife says to pass on her thanks. lol I can't say enough about your enlarger pump and have told many friends about it. months! ~ Deni, Vancouver

I have been pumping for 8 months now with the Bathmate. I can say I was surprised at how well it worked compared to my Dr Kaplan pump. I have found it more comfortable to use and the fact that it does the job much better and without any noisy motor is a HUGE PLUS in my books. A great product for anyone looking for great results. months! ~ Collin, Toronto

I figured I would give the Bathmate a try after hearing about the results a friend of mine was having using this penis pump. I have been using mine only a week and I can honestly say that I see a difference already. I am not saying I am HUGE yet.. but definately bigger and my erections are allot harder already. Excited to see myself in 3 months! ~ Phil, Alberta

I have been suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction) for a while now and I am only 43 years old. I purchased a Bathmate in March 2010 and within weeks of using it I noticed a big difference. Now I am able to get fuylly erect without any issues or pills after a few months of using it. I am still using the Bathmate pump for maintence (like exercise for my penis) and cannot thank you enough. This has given me back something I have been missing. ~ Kelly W, Vancouver

My wife noticed the results before I did. Maybe as I see my penis daily I didn't see as much of a change as she did. My wife is happy about the new thicker me, and I am not complaining either! Thanks for a great product. ~ Shayne, Newfoundland

I suffered from an accident which left me having some issues getting hard erections for many years now. I decided to give the Bathmate pump a try as there was nothing to lose. Within 2wks I noticed a difference when having erections. I have been using it fro 5wks now and my erections are almost as hard as when I was a young lad! Huge improvement in blood flow and my penis has gotten thicker as well which is a bonus :) ~ Warren, Vancouver

Been using it for 4 wks and my flaccid size has increased by 2 inches already. My erections are very hard now and I am seeing more thickness and some lenth. By far the best penis enlargement pump I have tried. ~ Raj, Toronto

I have tried other penis enlargement pumps over the last 6 years with some results, but have to say after using the Bathmate penis enlargement pump I have already seen more results in the 6 weeks of using it than in 2 years of using other penis pumps. Such a simple idea, but works so well. ~ Tad, Toronto

Really surprised how much water made a difference with pumping. The Bathmate is allot more comfortable for me to use than my air pump and I have no pain when using it like the other air pump I have.
Great job.. truly smart! ~ Pierre, QC

Got my Bathmate in 4 days, and from the first use I saw and felt a difference. I have been using it for 8 weeks now and my girlfriend says she feels a big difference and I definitely see a difference. Had a few questions when I first got the Bathmate. The guys at Bathmate Canada were super helpful and great to talk with as they used it themselves. Their directions were right on and I can't thank them enough. ~ Jean Luc - Ottawa

I have tried penis pills, and penis extenders over the last few years. The pills do nothing! The extender did work but left me with a noodle dick and was uncomfortable and awkward to wear for 6-8hrs a day. It's just so noticeable that it is no good unless you work from home. So i got a bathmate about 4wks ago as I have heard good things from two friends who use it as well as read good reviews online about it. In these few short weeks my girth has thickened up nicely and is eliminating my noodle dick thank god, and making my erections hard as can be as well. So please share these words on your site as I want others to know if they have ended up with a noodle dick like i did from using an extender. The bathmate works great.. and is comfortable to use and only take minutes and not hours a day. ~ Dale, PA

I was honestly surprised and very happy to be so that the Bathmate gave me visible results after only 3 sessions. I cannot wait till I am a few more weeks out. ~ Kelly, WA

Hi people at BM, My name is ******* and I've been using your Bathmate device since July 28th I believe; I'm emailing you all to let you know that I started out at just 160 and now I'm closing in on 190. I have noticed some great gains and have been very pleased with this device. Since July I have gone from a 3 inch flaccid length penis to a 4.25 flaccid length. In Erect length I went from a 5.25 Penis to now 7 inches. An this is only a few months. I am very proud of this device!

I just got mine in the mail 3 days's great! I've used traditional pumps, and they can be painful and only pump a portion of your penis. This does your WHOLE dick! Also, it's not painful on your balls because of the way it is designed. I use it in the shower, i''s so easy to get started and it doen't lose pressure. I'll never use a traditional pump again!" ~ Justin

I've been an active user of PE for the past 4 years now. Basically been on and off again due to the device itself ("FastSize"). I just constantly kept saying I'd go back to doing it but never really wanted too due to its appearance under my clothes and the fact that you can not go out in public with it on. I heard about the Bathmate through a forum where I was being told from members how great the product truly was; I thought to myself of giving it a try along side this other new PE workout I'm doing. I was shocked when I first saw how big my Penis became after my first usage of the Bathmate Hydropump and I still am today after every session with it. My first session of the Bathmate pump was on August 5th of 2009 where I measured in at 6.35 inches. Currently today on August 13th 2009 I measure in at 6.50. I Love This Device! ~ Sincerely, Frank

Hi. I have received my order and am VERY happy with it. Great product, by the way. I started last Monday at 130mm. Yesterday, I got all the way up to 155! This is amazing! ~ Jimmy

Your customer support was great! The advice and help offered in regards to the product was fantastic! I was very impressed by how much time you spent explaining the Bathmate to me. I received my order with 4 days as you stated and jumped right in that night to try it out. I was again impressed after my first session with the pump. I could feel and see size gains (although only temporary) I was very impressed and look forward to the weeks to come. I will send you an update at the end of the month! ~ Charles E, MI

Hey Guys! Thanks! I used the bathmate as soon as i got it and it worked the first time! You guys are awesome! Many thanks! ~ R Bautista

Are you ready for it? I am going to be sending over my photo testimonial as soon as I get back from Vacation (2 months away, yeah.. I work hard). I have been using my bathmate water pump for 43 days now while away and I am have been nothing but impressed (so are the girls). I took it slow and easy at first till I learned what my body could take and then went full tilt and bammo! Alex likes to walk with his pants down now. LOL Seriously, the bathmate has rocked my world! ~ Alex, New York

"Bathmate Store Customer Service has been excellent! I am totally flabbergasted with the Customer Service, Department especially at how fast I received email responses to my inquiries when I was ordering. My order did arrived just like they said. Thank you for the great and prompt service!" ~ Ben, Ottawa

"I wanted to say thanks to Gerald for sharing his experience with the bathmate with me and explaining how to use it. Even though it was very simple I wanted to be sure I was using it rigth and the time he gave me explaining it was much appreciated. I have had great results so far and look forward to my results in the months to come. Thanks again. You are the man!" ~ Carl W, Los Angeles

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